Obama Campaign Posts Photo to Tumblr of Romney in a Dunce Hat

The photo caption reads: "Sums it up."

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Conservatives aren't happy about the latest move by the Obama campaign to undermine his opponent Mitt Romney: an illustration posted on the campaign's Tumblr blog of Mitt Romney in a dunce hat. "Sums it up," reads the caption below the illustration.

Since the post went up three days ago, it has been reblogged thousands of times, though some of the response isn't positive. One person commented that a photo of Romney in a dunce hat "doesn't seem like a very presidential way to criticize your opponent."

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The post comes during the two-week sprint to Election Day, a time in which candidates fire up their base in part by playing dirty — and almost anything goes.

Earlier Friday, the Obama campaign released a controversial ad in which "Girls" star Lena Dunham likened voting for President Obama to losing your virginity. The day before, Rolling Stone interview with the president quoted him as saying kids could probably tell Romney was a "bullshi**er."

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The White House stood by Obama's Rolling Stone comments, and the campaign appears not to be responding to criticism over the "Girls ad." But the Washington Examiner's Charles Spierling believes the Tumblr post could be taken down. Earlier this month, he points out, an E-card posted by an Obama campaign staffer to the Tumblr read "Vote like your lady parts depend upon it." That post was later removed and the Obama campaign said it "did not go through our regular review."

The Romney camp, for its part, has also been playing dirty. On Thursday, Romney surrogate and former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu told CNN's Piers Morgan he wondered whether Colin Powell had endorsed Obama based on the issues or "whether he's got a slightly different reason for preferring" the president, which some took to mean a racial preference.

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