The Top 10 Bets Being Placed on Donald Trump's Wednesday Surprise About Obama

Could 'The Donald' announce that Obama is from outer space? Odds are 250:1


Bets are now being placed across the pond on Donald Trump's October Surprise about Obama. The real estate mogul told the Fox & Friends morning show yesterday that he knows "something very, very big concerning the president of the United States." He is expected to announce the bombshell news on Wednesday around noon.

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Paddy Power, which calls itself Europe's largest betting company, thinks the most likely surprise is one that wouldn't be much of a surprise at all. The company reports 2:5 odds that Trump — a so-called "birther" who is skeptical of the president's citizenship — will say Obama is not an American.

Here are the other nine top bets being placed:

4:1 odds that Trump, known for the catchphrase "You're fired!", will say he's going to 'fire an Obama impersonator.'

Donald Trump tosses a ball while standing on the fairway during a pro-am round of the AT&T National golf tournament at Congressional Country Club on June 27, 2012, in Bethesda, Md.

8:1 odds that Trump will endorse Obama. (From this side of the pond, those odds seem way too high).

50:1 odds that Trump will invite Obama to be a guest on Celebrity Apprentice, the star-studded offshoot of his show the Apprentice.

75:1 odds that Obama will be given an honorary membership at the Trump International Golf Links in Scotland, a controversial golf course currently under fire by environmental groups and local residents.

250:1 odds that Trump will say Obama knows the Moon landing was staged, a conspiracy theory akin to Birther theories about the president.

250:1 odds that Obama will be invited to be the host of the Apprentice if Mitt Romney takes the White House, an invitation the 44th president is sure to take.

250:1 odds that Trump will say Obama is an Alien.

500:1 odds that Trump will say: "I'm your father Obama," apparently picking up the mantle for Darth Vader.

500:1 odds that Trump, who many think wears a toupee, will announce that Obama wears a wig. And yes, the odds for Trump saying Obama is an alien are better than the odds he will say the president wears a wig.

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With the extremely low odds of Trump announcing anything of significance about the president, Paddy Power is betting solidly on an Obama second term. Odds for the president to keep the White House are 2:5, while odds for Romney are 15:8.

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