CAPTION CONTEST: Obama On The Phone With Bibi

A photo released Friday of a frustrated Obama on the line with the Israeli prime minister.

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The White House Friday released an unhappy photo of the president on its official Flickr stream Friday, showing President Barack Obama on the telephone, seemingly frustrated with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Recent Flickr photos of the president during the campaign season mostly show him in happier times, such as sampling fudge, patting a baby in the Oval Office, or grinning as he addressed a new crop of White House interns.

The photo release comes as Republicans continue to demand answers about why Obama did not meet with "Bibi" at the United Nations General Assembly this week. (The White House says the two leaders couldn't meet because of scheduling conflicts.)

In his speech to the assembly Thursday, Netanyahu called for the U.S. to establish a "red line" with Iran over its nuclear capabilities, holding up a crude picture of a bomb with a magic marker red line to illustrate his point. But Bibi's line is one Obama has not been willing to draw, and the president's resolve seems pretty clear in his hand gesture during Friday's call.

Captions, anyone?

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