Ann Coulter Says Al Sharpton and Fellow Liberals Play The Race Card

Ann Coulter believes liberals accuse Republicans of imagined racism for their political benefit.

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Conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter delivers remarks to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Marriott Wardman Park February 10, 2012 in Washington, DC.

Pugnacious conservative commentator and eight time bestselling author Ann Coulter is out with a new book on race that is bound to provoke and upset, in true Coulter fashion.

In Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama, Coulter posits that the left consistently plays the "race card" in order to keep the black vote, by accusing Republicans of racism when it's not deserved.

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"These are fictional battles with nonexistent racists," says Coulter, who devotes several pages to debunking supposed instances of Tea Party racism. Many, she argues, were exaggerated by the media, "liberal infiltrators" pretending to be Republicans, or never happened.

Coulter, who does not mention Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Mugged, says Democrats pretend that Republicans are racist because it's the only way they can win.

"It's the only way this guy got elected and will be re-elected," Coulter says of President Barack Obama. "The theme of 2008 was that it was historic and you're a racist if you don't vote for the first black president. Someone with his youth and lack of experience would not be elected if he was white."

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Fast forward four years and Coulter says the media are still treating Obama with kid gloves. She cites the recent protests that spread across the Middle East and North Africa over an anti-Islam video, and what she sees as the media's lack of scrutiny of the Obama administration's response to those protests. "The world is exploding, and the media treat him like a child."

But Obama supporters say the media is just as critical of the president as anyone else. "The president has gotten crazy coverage down to his birth certificate," liberal commentator Rev. Al Sharpton told Whispers. Coulter accuses Sharpton in her book of having historically played the race card. "When I see bias, I call bias, even if it's a Democrat," he says. "I don't see liberals as playing the race card at all."

Coulter believes Sharpton "is probably the only black person" who won't like her book. She dedicated Mugged to "the freest black man in America," with no further explanation about who that person might be.

Jamelle Bouie, a staff writer at the American Prospect who writes on politics and race, is actually another black person who doesn't like her book. He says Coulter's thesis is "insulting."

"Black people don't support Democrats because white liberals 'play the race card,' they support Democrats because their interests—material and symbolic—are best served by the Democratic Party," Bouie wrote in an E-mail to Whispers. "This view that blacks have a Pavlovian response to politics is insulting, to say the least."

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