Is Marc Leder Suing the Secret Videographer of Mitt Romney's '47 Percent' Remarks?

The private equity exec may be suing the person who taped the controversial remarks.

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The mysterious filmmaker behind Mitt Romney's "47 percent" video still has not revealed his or her identity, and now we may have a clue as to why.

A Twitter account believed to belong to the filmmaker, who was possibly the bartender at the May fundraiser where Romney made the remarks, tweeted early Thursday:

The fundraiser was hosted at the Boca Raton, Fla., home of wealthy private equity executive Marc Leder, who is reportedly not happy about the film.

According to Wall Street money manager-turned-blogger Laura Goldman, guests were told at the fundraiser that Romney's comments were off the record and not for sharing with the press. "[Leder] is in the process of narrowing down the suspects and is contemplating contacting law enforcement," Goldman wrote on her blog Tuesday.

Goldman attended the Wharton School of Business just before Leder and has sources within the Philadelphia 76ers organization, which Leder co-owns.

On Thursday, Goldman told Whispers that Leder “is very upset that he embarrassed Romney.” 

“He believes it was someone on the waitstaff. Since the view of Romney remained unobstructed throughout the taping, he believes that more than one person knew the taping was going on,” she said. “He has threatened to ruin the catering company.”

In Florida, it is against the law to record private conversations without obtaining permission from the person.

When reached by phone, Leder's spokesman Tom Faust said he was not aware of the tweet and would not comment on a possible suit.

At least two people know the identity of the worried filmmaker: Mother Jones's David Corn, who broke the story of Romney's remarks, and James Carter IV, who helped Corn get the video.

Over Twitter, the filmmaker responded to an interview request from Whispers: "I appreciate you spreading the words of Mitt Romney. For now, I'm hiding. TTYS."

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