Zach Braff Fed Up With Republican 'Lies'

Braff calls on Americans to pay attention, vote and hold Republicans accountable.

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Actor Zach Braff.

Actor Zach Braff is keeping close tabs on the country's presidential election this year and has reached his breaking point on what he sees as Republican falsehoods.

"What is frustrating is the lying. I know every politician spins the truth a little," Braff told Whispers. "But when you happen to know the facts and you see Paul Ryan's speech you are like 'Wait a minute. So much of that is not true.' "

Braff, who played Dr. John Dorian on the TV show Scrubs, isn't fond of the Republican party overall this year.

"The Republican party has been hijacked by the far right," he says.

Braff spent a few days kicking it in Charlotte with politicos at the Democratic National Convention, but says the highlight for him will be watching President Barack Obama accept his party's nomination.

"He's an amazing speaker," Braff says. "And Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton are fantastic speakers themselves, so he has two hard acts to follow."

Braff predicts Obama's greatest obstacle this fall will be keeping up with GOP nominee Mitt Romney's gravy train.

"I think it is clear that he is going to be outspent. That is why the ground game with Obama is so much more important," Braff says. "I don't think the Obama campaign themselves would say that they can keep up with Romney and the corporate money going into Romney's bank account."

Obama's Super PAC, Priorities USA, has struggled to raise sufficient funds this election cycle. With just nine weeks left until the election, Priorities USA tapped former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel to takeover the PAC's fundraising operation.

Braff admits, however, that while he supports the Democratic party's values as a whole, he has one grievance to air.

"I wish our soldiers would be brought home from Afghanistan," he says,