Jesse Jackson Heaps Praise on Michelle Obama

No speaking role, but no bitterness either for the long-time civil rights leader.

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Rev. Jesse Jackson is seen as he arrives at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Rev. Jesse Jackson may have been passed up this year for any major speaking roles at the Democratic National Convention, but he's not showing any bitterness toward the Obamas.

As he waited for First Lady Michelle Obama to take the stage at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, he said unlike others who speak in sound bites, the first lady is one of the most eloquent speakers he's seen.

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"She has been a woman of substance," Jackson told U.S. News. "She doesn't speak in just simple phrases, because she lives it, it works."

Jackson says he especially admires the first lady's efforts to help military families and curb childhood obesity.

While much has been made of whether or not black voters will come out in droves like they did in 2008 for the president, Jackson says Obama's record is strong enough to mobilize all voters in 2012.

"The automotive industry is better off, those who are insured now are better off, those out of Iraq now are better off. Because of Al Qaeda and the Taliban being diminished, we are all better off," he says.

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The key now, Jackson says is to make sure the word gets out.

"He has a case and he has a record," Jackson says. "The more that record is out, the more {who} will be inspired."

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