Sen. Chuck Schumer Won't Miss Giants Game Even for Clinton

Sen. Chuck Schumer will find two televisions to watch Clinton speech and Giants game Wednesday.

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CHARLOTTE -- As the Vice Chairman of the Democratic Caucus, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer is used to conflicting schedules and making the tough calls. But Wednesday night's convention lineup puts him in a bit of a pickle.

Schumer, a life-long Giants fan, wouldn't miss the opening game of his favorite team as Eli Manning's Giant kick off in the Super Bowl winner's first regular season game Wednesday, but the timing of former president Bill Clinton's speech presents Schumer in a fourth and long.

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Sen. Chuck Schumer told reporters at a Politico event Tuesday evening, however, he's got it under control.

"I thought about this. These are two of my favorite activities," Schumer said. "Being Chuck Schumer, I am going to try to do both."

Exactly how can Schumer be in two places at once?

"I am going to find a nice place where there are two TVs"

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