Jeb Bush Goes Off Script, Appears to Slam His Brother George W.

Did former Florida governor Jeb Bush dis his former president brother?

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Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush addresses the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush went off script when he took the stage at the Republican National Convention Thursday night.

His prepared remarks did not include comments about his family members, beginning instead with comments about restoring the greatness of the country.

But when he addressed assembled delegates and politicians just after 8 p.m., Bush said his father and grandfather were great role models and served the country "honorably."

"And my brother, well, I love my brother," he said.

The apparent slam against his brother was not in the prepared remarks that were released earlier to the press. But Jeb gave a hint he was going to adjust his remarks earlier to the show "Fox and Friends," saying: "I'm going to start out with, particularly, recognition that my brother is a person of courage and integrity and honor, and we need people like that in public life. ... I love him dearly -- I'm biased about this, and I just feel compelled to do this because almost every day I hear the current incumbent feeling compelled to push down the past to make himself look better."

(Though Jeb did go on to defend his brother's record on national defense, later in the speech.)

Who wants to be a fly on the wall at the next Bush family Thanksgiving dinner?