RNC Accidentally Sends Out Rand Paul's Speech With Ron Paul's Name

Visions of party schism in official release during convention events.

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Email from the Republican National Convention accidentally naming Ron Paul instead of Rand Paul as speaker Wednesday evening.

TAMPA---When the Republican National Convention distributed prepared remarks for Kentucky Senator Rand Paul's speech Wednesday, the remarks did not include Rand's name at the top, but instead "The Hon. Ron Paul."

Rand first made his name in politics because of speeches he gave on behalf of his father Ron, a 2012 presidential candidate and Texas congressman with a rabid Libertarian following.

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But while Rand's speech, which criticized the nation's debt problem, was not so different than something his father might have delivered, the RNC told Whispers "this was an error and it has been corrected."

The mistake is especially fitting because Ron Paul has been the convention's biggest gadfly. On Tuesday, Paul's delegates caused mayhem on the convention floor by booing and squawking over of a new rules process.