Ann Coulter Upset Chris Christie Did Not Attack Obama

The conservative commentator expected more from New Jersey's Governor Tuesday night.

Conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter delivers remarks to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Marriott Wardman Park February 10, 2012 in Washington, DC.

TAMPA—Razor-tongued conservative commentator and professed Chris Christie fan Ann Coulter said she was disappointed in the New Jersey governor's speech at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night.  

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"I love Chris Christie," she told Whispers from the convention floor, where she arrived just as the governor took the stage. "But I could have seen a little more of an attack. Which speaker attacks Obama? I thought that was going to happen with him."

Christie, whose keynote address followed Ann Romney's, told Republicans in a rousing but familiar speech that when given the choice between being loved and being respected, they should "always pick being respected."

Though he received a standing ovation for lines like "they believe in teachers unions, we believe in teachers," Christie's language was immediately criticized for being too generic.

Coulter said she didn't understand why Christie did not strongly criticize Obama more, but thought "maybe we're just kindler, gentler Republicans."

One of the Republican party's most vocal attack dogs, Coulter warned in the primaries that Romney would mean certain defeat for the GOP, but reluctantly endorsed him last October. 

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