Alleged Abortion Survivor Ad Airs in Missouri

Hard-hitting ad aimed at helping Akin, Romney win key swing state.


TAMPA---An anti-abortion group is airing a new ad in Missouri that purports to show an abortion survivor criticizing Barack Obama for signing legislation that would have meant her death.

The ad released by the Susan B. Anthony List group shows Melissa Ohden explaining her disturbing story of being plucked out of a trash can by nurses who heard her crying after a botched abortion.

"I was aborted, and my body discarded ... like I didn't exist," Ohden, who survived the attempted abortion in 1977, tells the screen. "But a nurse heard me crying ... and cared enough to save my life."

Ohden goes on to say that as state Senator, Obama voted four times to deny protections for babies who survived an abortion, a claim found to be misleading.

"Is this the kind of leadership that will move us forward?" Ohden continues. "Leadership that would discard the least and weakest among us?"

Susan B. Anthony List Executive Director Emily Buchanan told Whispers that the ad—which is now running in Missouri where Republican Rep. Todd Akin is fighting for his political life to take the U.S. Senate seat now held by Democrat Claire McCaskill —was a result of data that shows this issue can significantly move voters in the election. June polling from the anti-abortion Students For Life, for example, showed one-in-three young adults were less likely to vote for the president after hearing about his vote regarding abortion survivors while in the state Senate.

Akin recently dealt a potentially fatal blow to his own campaign after explaining to a talk show host that women who were "legitimately raped" could prevent pregnancy. It's unclear whether this aggressive anti-abortion ad will shift the debate away from Akin's political misstep and potentially put voters in the win column for Mitt Romney, who many analysts believe must make a good showing in Missouri to win the White House.

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Buchanan said they decided to run the ad first in Missouri because it is "at the center of the debate on abortion," though she did not refer to Akin's comments specifically.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, told excited conservative leaders during a screening of the ad here that the group's goal was to "expose the extreme record" of Obama to voters in Missouri, and then expand the ad to five more swing states.

"Obama stands where no other Americans stand," Dannenfelser told the audience, to strong applause.

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