Hipster PAC Wants to Stop the Tea Party With Dessert

An artsy, progressive PAC is targeting the 'Tea Party 10' with a dessert party.


The three-year-old, resurging Tea Party movement may have tea on its side, but the hipsters have got fancy desserts.

A progressive, hipster PAC, Downtown 4 Democracy, is holding a dessert dinner party Wednesday night at the home of fashion guru Stephanie La Cava with one target in mind: the Tea Party.

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"This is a (dare we say it) sweet opportunity to help D4D get rid of the Tea Party 10--some of the worst members of Congress we've ever had," reads the fuschia-colored invite, naming the 10 Tea Party-affiliated congressman the PAC believes to be most extreme and easy to beat. "Every dollar we raise goes towards defeating these 10 targeted members of the House and tipping the balance of power back towards sanity."

Tickets for the soiree, which will feature confections from the pastry chef of New York's hyped Momofuku Milkbar, are going for $200 donation a head.

D4D has been around since 2003, when it was founded by a group of mostly art-world New Yorkers who raised $1.5 million for John Kerry. It dissolved soon after his loss but regrouped this year to partner with liberal super PAC CREDO in targeting the Tea Party 10.

That group includes Florida Rep. Allen West, whom CREDO calls "Beyond Crazy," and Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh, whom it calls "America's Most Offensive Congressman."

"An element of D4D's mission is to counteract the stereotype that people who are young and creative are too busy caring about themselves to care about politics," D4D board member Audrey Gelman, the Manhattan borough president's press secretary and an actress on the hipster TV series Girls, told New York Magazine in July.

"These are the people that influence what America wears, watches, reads, and listens to—they have an opportunity to harness that influence."

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