Anti-Obama Documentary May Not Be Screened in D.C. Despite Big Opening

Despite its big opening in Texas, an anti-Obama documentary may not show in D.C.

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When the film 2016: Obama's America opened in a single theater in Houston, Texas this past weekend, it grossed an unexpected $31,610 from a single screen, beating per-theater averages of past presidential documentaries such as Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that 200 people were turned away from the screening, even after theater management switched to a larger room than once planned. Some moviegoers waited 90 minutes to meet the filmmakers,

Despite its big opening, the anti-Obama documentary may not show in the nation's capital.

A spokesman for conservative author Dinesh D'Souza, whose book The Roots of Obama's Rage is the basis of the film, told Whispers the film is likely to show in Fairfax and Fredricksburg in Virginia, and in Bowie and Germantown in Maryland, but that the public release on July 27 doesn't include a theater within the District borders.

The film is likely to spark controversy wherever it goes. The Houston theater's management told the Hollywood Reporter they received phone calls from people arguing they shouldn't show the film, which features an uncomfortable interview between D'Souza and Obama's half-brother George. D'Souza repeatedly asks George, who lives in a hut in Kenya, why his powerful half-brother hasn't done more to help him, to which George responds: "I think he has a family of his own."

The conservative author, however, stands by his interview, telling Whispers: "The moment Obama was elected, it was forget about George... Whatever a viewer's politics are, I think they will walk out of this film saying 'Wow, this is a very different Obama than the one I thought I knew.'"

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