Roland Burris Says Reports of Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Alcoholism 'Invented Stuff'

Roland Burris Is Unhappy With Media Portrayal of Jesse Jackson Jr.'s absence.

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As rumors continue to swirl about the whereabouts and condition of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who last voted on Capitol Hill more than a month ago, one man thinks the media coverage has been filled with "invented stuff."

Former Illinois Sen. Roland Burris, who knows the Jackson family well, told Whispers the media has developed a "wolf-pack mentality" and needs to "cool out" on the alcohol allegations, which Burris thinks are untrue.

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NBC thought it had gotten a scoop when it reported last night that Jackson was in an Arizona facility being treated for alcoholism and depression.

But Jackson's office soon discredited the alcoholism piece, releasing a statement that said Jackson "is receiving intensive medical treatment" for a "mood disorder."

The Washington Post's medical reporter David Brown explains that "mood disorder" is the new "mental breakdown."

Burris told Whispers of the statement: "Something is going on with that young man, and at the proper time he will come forward."

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