Lesbian Super PAC Raises $200,000 In One Day

A new lesbian Super PAC has big supporters, hopes for big money.

Laura Ricketts, an Obama donor and owner of the Chicago Cubs, in October 2009.

A first-of-its-kind lesbian Super PAC, launched Wednesday with the support of Obama donor Laura Ricketts and actress Jane Lynch, tells Whispers it has raised $200,000 in its first day alone. Its year-end goal is $1 million.

The group, called LPAC, plans to donate to pro-lesbian and pro-women candidates, whose names it will announce over the next few days, according to LPAC chairman and treasurer Sarah Schmidt.

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The candidates could be Democrats or Republicans, with the caveat that their policies end discrimination in the LGBT community or bolster reproductive rights and healthcare access for women.

So far, 90 percent of the money that has come into LPAC has been from the gay community, said Schmidt. And more cash is expected soon.

"Yesterday we received E-mails from a number of prominent lesbians expressing support," Schmidt said, who did not want to reveal their names just yet. "It was just an awesome, awesome day."

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