Conservative Group Uses Pinterest To Track Obama's Golf Outings

Obama, golfer-in-chief? That’s what one conservative group thinks.

Barack Obama walks to take a putt shot at the 9th hole at Mink Meadows Golf Club in Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

Mitt Romney's wealth may be turning voters off, but it seems President Obama can't shake the elitist tag, either.

Less than a month after the president played his 100th round of golf, the conservative American Future Fund has created a Pinterest page devoted to Obama's golf courses. The page features about 20 "stunning and exclusive golf courses Obama has played at during his presidency," along with the clubs' membership price tag.

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Among them is the exclusive Vineyard Golf Club on Martha's Vineyard, where Obama has supposedly played five rounds of golf over the past three and a half years. American Future Fund estimates the total cost for membership and annual fees at the club as $362,000, while Vineyard Golf Club told Whispers that number was inflated.

Source: Uploaded by user via American on Pinterest

American Future Fund also features the Ko'olau Golf Club in Hawaii, which Obama visited while on vacation in 2011, and which has an annual price tag of $3,500.

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While Obama doesn't hold the record for the president most often on the green, he overtook predecessor President George W. Bush in the number of rounds early in his first term. Bush, who played golf 24 times during his eight years in the White House, stopped playing the game during the Iraq war because it "sends the wrong signal," according to the Washington Post.

Also tracking Obama's golf exploits is the Tea Party site, which puts the number of rounds played by the "Golfer-In-Chief" at 101. When Whispers rounded up Obama's golf games in 2009, the president had gone golfing more than half of the weeks he was in office.

Obama has defended his hobby in the past, saying that golfing makes him "almost feel normal" and that "it's the only time for six hours...that I'm outside."

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