Mitt Romney's New Latino Website Called 'Clunky'

A prominent Latino journalist says Mitt Romney’s new site gets mostly good marks.


After months of prodding from the Latino community, the Romney campaign launched a flashy Spanish-language website Wednesday, along with a new ad, in which Romney's son, Craig, speaks fluent Spanish.

Given the recent debacle over the RNC's Latino website—which prominently featured a stock photo of Asian children—Whispers was curious to know how well was being received in the Latino community.

Whispers turned to Julio Ricardo Varela, founder of the popular independent Latino site, to give a quick analysis of the site. His review below.

The negatives: "Obviously from an inside baseball perspective, I could nitpick at some of the language. It's a little clunky. And is it the greatest translation? No... Everyone also makes the assumption that every Latino voter is a native Spanish speaker. They aren't."

The positives: "The [Romney campaign] finally invested some money in Latino voter outreach. I think the site is very attractive. Linguistically, it does the job. And his son can also speak Spanish very well."

Will it move the dial? "Maybe, but there are still bigger questions Latino voters have for Gov. Romney. Immigration is still the elephant in the room. Latino voters got really turned off by the GOP primary. A lot of Latino voters are still willing to listen to Romney, but they want him to say 'Let's tone down the immigration rhetoric.' He's playing politics and isn't going to do that."

How could the site be most effective? "The piece on the economy and the [failures] of the Obama administration. For Latino voters, that's what's really effective."

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