What If We Treated Political Contributors Like NASCAR Sponsors?

John Boehner's top 20 contributors shown as patches on a racing suit.

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When Whispers interviewed Jesse Ventura in June, the former non-partisan Minnesota governor made an "out-there" suggestion about how to hold today's politicians more accountable.

"I think that all congressmen, senators, when they campaign should wear NASCAR racing suits," Ventura said. "They [could] have their sponsors, or donors, on big patches. Then we can learn as citizens who owns [which] candidate."

A month later, the Internet has gifted us Speaker of the House John Boehner in a—drum roll please—NASCAR racing suit.

The image, which appears to have been created by "crandyj1220" on Pinterest, lists Boehner's biggest contributor as AT&T, which gave the Speaker $77,300, followed by First Energy Corp., which donated $47,800. Also featured on Boehner's racing suit is a Micky Mouse patch, to represent the Walt Disney Co., as well as big GE and Citigroup logos.

Source: upworthy.com via Upworthy on Pinterest

A full list of the Speaker's contributors can be found at Open Secrets.

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