SCOTUS Health Care Ruling: Tell Us #WhatItMeans To You

Washington Whispers will live blog the SCOTUS health care ruling Thursday.

Doctor with patient at medical exam table

Over the past two years, the constitutionality of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul has been powerful fodder for politicians and special interest groups.

But for most Americans, the decision by the Supreme Court, expected 10 a.m. EST Thursday, will have a very real impact.

If the law is struck down, those with a preexisting condition may be kept from getting health insurance. Kids under the age of 26 may be taken off of their parents' health care plan. And businesses may soon see higher insurance costs.

If the law is upheld, many Americans may worry that Congress really will tell us to eat our broccoli. Many small businesses, free of uncertainty, may take steps to hire and grow.

How will the ruling affect you?  U.S. News wants to know. 

Tell us what the ruling means to you by E-mailing, or by responding on Twitter using the hashtag #whatitmeans.

We'll be live blogging the ruling on Thursday starting at 8 a.m. EST, and we will feature your E-mails, tweets, and comments.

See you then.