Susan Collins' Staff Accidentally Badmouths Bernie Sanders on Twitter

Senator Susan Collins' Twitter feed sent out an errant tweet Tuesday.

Sens. Susan Collins and Arlen Specter (right) at a press conference about the stimulus package on Capitol Hill.

Maine Senator Susan Collins, who has repeatedly called for more civility in American politics, tweeted something not-so-civil Tuesday:

"Good ol' @SenSanders is always entertaining. Not a huge fan."

The patronizing tweet was directed at Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Senator who describes himself as a democratic socialist.

The tweet was soon deleted, but can be found on Politwhoops, a site that tracks tweets politicians delete.

Luke Welch, a "New Media/Press Assistant" for Sen. Collins, soon tweeted: "Please disregard that tweet by Senator Collins, this was posted in error and doesn't represent her views."

Welch told Whispers he posted the tweet "inadvertently."

When Sanders' press secretary Michael Briggs was asked if he would like to comment, he replied: "I don't think so."

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