Is Marco Rubio Really Out as Mitt Romney's VP?

Report: Marco Rubio has not been vetted to be Romney's running mate .

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ABC's Jonathan Karl reports Tuesday morning that Florida Senator Marco Rubio "is not being vetted" by Mitt Romney's VP search team, according to "knowledgable Republican sources."

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"He has not been asked complete any questionnaires or been asked to turn over any financial documents typically required of potential vice presidential candidates," Karl reported.

But is it true that Rubio is out?

A source tells Whispers that he doesn't believe the story, calling it "conspicuously timed."

The source points out that the ABC report comes just after Rubio was forced to drop his immigration bill, because of President Obama's announcement Friday that the U.S. would stop deporting some young illegal immigrants.

The report also comes the same week Rubio published his autobiography.

"Maybe some folks in the Romney camp are trying to lessen the expectations around Rubio," the source tells Whispers.

Expectations are indeed high for Rubio, who over the past few months has been dubbed a "wunderkind," "GOP rising star," and "superstar."

Rubio could still be vetted and taken as a running mate later on, with the GOP convention still more than two months away,

Sarah Palin was one such veep chosen late in the game — a common occurrence when the desired running mate is more unpredictable than they are quiet.

One thing is certain: If Rubio is out as VP, we haven't seen the end of him.

In April, Rubio shrugged off the role of vice president to a group of reporters, saying it got too much attention.

He also left the open the possibility of a presidential run in 2016: "If I do a good job in the Senate, three, four, five, six years from now," Rubio told them, "I'll have a different opportunity... to do things inside of government and outside of government."

A request for comment from Rubio's office was not immediately returned.

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