Lautenberg Challenges GOP on Food Stamp Cuts: Try It at Home

Democratic senator tells cut-happy Republicans to put their own kids' mouths where their money is.

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New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg told Republicans yesterday to put their kids' mouths where their money is.

Speaking the on the Senate floor, the Democrat chastised Republicans proposing an amendment to slash more than $300 billion for food stamps from the Farm Bill, saying the move would deeply hurt the more than 46 million Americans on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.

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With half of the recipients of food stamps being children, Lautenberg told cut seekers to imagine what it would be like to take food off their own family's table:

"Republicans say we ought to cut programs for hungry children. I wonder if those who want to cut the food stamp program would participate in a real way and say to their little children, say to their family: Look, just to show we are serious, just to show we care, we will limit the amount of food we are going to give our children, the amount of food we are going to give the elders in our household, to show we are serious about this."

Watch the speech below: 

After Lautenberg spoke, the proposed amendment was voted down.

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