Democrats And Republicans Don't Agree on Brands They Love

Democrats Like Jeeps, Republicans Prefer Beemers

Democrats and Republicans disagree on brands.

Following a Pew poll that shows Americans are more politically polarized than at any time in the past 25 years, a new study shows the rift between Democrats and Republicans extends to consumer brands, too.

Buyology, a New York-based brand consulting firm, found that while members of both parties both love Coke and Google, they disagreed on their favorite car, preferred TV channel and sport of choice. They don't even frequent the same coffee shops.

Of the 4,000 Americans surveyed, Democrat and Republican respondents disagreed on the majority of the 200 brands they were asked about.

But like our voting decisions, brand decisions are often driven by "unconscious" and "deep-seated" connections, points out Buyology Founding Partner and CEO Gary Singer.

Perhaps the most telling comparison in this election: While Democrats like Jeep, Republicans go for BMW.

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