Michelle Obama's 'Delicious and Nutritious' State Dinner For Kids

Let’s Move! announces a nutritious state dinner

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First lady Michelle Obama
First lady Michelle Obama talks about the White House Kitchen Garden during an interview.

Let's Move!, Michelle Obama's anti-obesity program, sent out word Friday of an inviting new contest: A healthy "State Dinner," just for kids.

The FLOTUS wants kid chefs to share their favorite "delicious and nutritious" lunch recipes.

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A selection of the winning (and healthiest) recipes will be served. All meals must meet MyPlate nutritional guidelines and represent all five food groups.

We're envisioning quinoa pilafs, tofu casseroles and a whole lot of kale.

The Mitt Romney campaign also announced a contest of its own Friday: A chance to win a seat on his bus tour. We're guessing no tofu to be found here. The new Doritos Taco Bell shell may be more likely.

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