Barney Frank Challenges "Fox Bias" On Air

Rep. Barney Frank challenged the "Fox bias" on air last night


Congressman Barney Frank (D- Mass.) got into it with FOX Business' new anchor Melissa Francis last night, telling her multiple times that her language showed the network's bias.

Frank, a ranking member on the Committee on Financial Services, appeared on FOX Business to discuss the state of the economy.

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When Francis challenged Frank over job numbers, he told her: "I understand the Fox perspective on all this."

"Those are numbers!" Francis, who recently moved to Fox from CNBC, protested. "Please don't interrupt me," he chided.

Watch the full exchange, which gets heated around two minutes in, below:

Later in the interview, Francis and Frank butted heads over whether Howard Milstein, who owns Emigrant Savings Bank, is an Obama "bundler". (A bundler being someone who gathers contributions from many others for a campaign.)

At about the four-minute mark, Frank tells Francis: "I apologize if this offends you, but this is FOX bias."

Full disclaimer:  My father works for the Fox Business network.

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