Scott Walker Recall Disturbed by Voter Issues

At Wisconsin recall, some clerks allegedly tried to stop people from voting.

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Foul play or confusion?

Hundreds of voters have called a hotline to report voter issues at the Scott Walker recall vote in Wisconsin today, according to Election Protection, a D.C.-based voters' rights group.

Some voters said they were asked for photo identification at the voting booth, even though Wisconsin recently struck down a law that would have made it necessary.

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Others said they had trouble voting because of a new 28-day residency requirement in the state. Although they had resided in Wisconsin for the mandated time, some clerks told them they could not vote, according to Ann Jacobs, a member of the legal coordinating committee for Election Protection in Wisconsin.

In both cases, Election Protection says it called the clerks directly to fix the problem. also reports that calls have gone out to voters telling them that if they signed the recall, they did not need to vote.

While officials with Election Protection said they weren't able to substantiate the 'do not vote' calls, they did send out an email Tuesday afternoon that read: "Robocalls telling voters who signed the recall petitions or voted in the recall primary that they do not need to vote ... could not be further from the truth. If you've received this type of call, disregard it, call Election Protection and head to the polls."

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Jacobs also says the group caught a poll observer surreptitiously videotaping at the polls. State laws differ on polling place videography, but taking photos or video of people voting is generally discouraged.

In all, Election Protection said it had so far received 594 calls of voter issues. A full report on every call can be found at Our Vote Live, a website that logs election-related problems.

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