Before Scott Walker Recall, Liberal Wisconsin Group Publishes Voter Histories

The group has sent out fliers with the names and addresses of Wisconsin residents who did not vote.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks outside his office at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin.

As the recall election heats up in Wisconsin, some people aren't playing fair.

The high-dollar fight between Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tom Barrett got a little bit nastier this week with a mailer from the liberal group the Greater Wisconsin Committee.

The mailer, which went out to registered voters, listed the names of neighbors alongside their voting histories, in what looked like an attempt to shame people to vote.

"Scott Walker won in 2010 because too many people stayed home!" the mailer reads, saying this year required a "new approach." No kidding. The mailer continues: "Look at the list below; are there neighbors on this list you know? Call them or knock on their door before Election Day, and ask them to go vote."

Whether or not a person votes is already public record. But does the Greater Wisconsin Committee mailer represent a new level of voter intimidation?

Also important to note: Wisconsin recently struck down a law that would have made photo identification necessary to receive a ballot. It's unlikely, but possible, that this kind of mailer could increase the likelihood of voter fraud, now that people can see just who's voting—and who's not.

See the full mailer at the Blaze.

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