The Republican Congressional Committee Misses Rahm Emanuel

NRCC says Rahm Emanuel knew how to pick candidates in tough districts.

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Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) attends the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Election Night party following the 2006 Congressional elections.

The National Republican Congressional Committee wishes their opponents would call on an old foe for some help in a few upcoming elections. [Read 10 things you didn't know about Rahm Emanuel.]

The committee says Democrats have essentially given up in some districts in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Illinois by fielding weak candidates.

Two top GOP committee officials say it's a mistake they never saw Rahm Emanuel make when he was Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

"When Rahm Emanuel ran the D-triple-C, he went out and recruited the candidates who fit the districts and he knew he had to recruit more conservative candidates," Deputy Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Greg Walden said during a Christian Science Monitor Breakfast with reporters Tuesday.

"I don't see that happening this time...the play was not to the middle where you could hold seats, the play was to the left."

The NRCC says the Dems have abandoned the idea of centralized Blue Dog Democrats, instead drafting candidates that would never win in more conservative districts.

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