Marco Rubio All the Buzz Online

He says he is sticking to the Senate, but the Media can't stop talking about Rubio.

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Despite talk he is on presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney's veep short list, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio maintains his attention is focused on doing his job in Congress.

But a recent HighBeam Research Study shows Rubio's insistence that he is staying away from the vice presidential slot has only captivated the media's attention. Of six major politicians being discussed as possible Romney running mates, Rubio stole the show last week, receiving nearly 40 percent of the media coverage.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman tied for second, but lag significantly behind Rubio: each candidate earned just 15 percent of the media buzz.

A slew of governors competed for the final three spots.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell leads the guv pack with 14 percent of the coverage followed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who collected nearly 13 percent of the attention. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley came in a distant sixth capturing just under 5 percent of the media spotlight.

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