GOP Offers Rebuttal Message to Obama's 'Julia'

GOP and Obama campaign fight over women's vote through messages to fictional character.

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As the Obama campaign seeks to show women how the president's policies have benefited ladies everywhere in a new Web feature titled The Life of Julia, the Republican National Committee released its own take on the interactive graphic.

RNC's calling it Might Not Want to Tell Julia.

While the Obama campaign highlights programs like Race to the Top, healthcare reform, and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the RNC tacks toward economic attacks on the president. [Read: Women Agree With the GOP on Birth Control.]

"When Obama took office Julia's share of the national debt was $34,419," the RNC writes on its Tumblr account. "Since Obama took office, Julia's share of the national debt has increased $16,345 to $50,764. If Obama wins a second term, by the time he leaves office Julia's share of the national debt under Obama will have increased by $31,628 tp $66,047."

The RNC calls Obama's budgetary practices "binge spending."

Here is what else the RNC had to say about "Julia and the Obama Economy":

Julia, the college student, is paying record high tuition to attend college.

Julia, about to graduate, can't find a job in the Obama economy.

Julia, recent college grad, has $25K in student loan debt, highest in history and has kept going up under Obama.

Julia the 23 year old is living with her parents in the Obama economy.

Julia the commuter has to pay double for gas from what she paid 4 years ago.

Julia the mom has to pay more for health insurance despite #ObamaCare's promise to reduce premiums by $2500.

Julia in the future won't have Social Security thanks to Obama.

Julia in the future won't have Medicare as we know it thanks to Obama.

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