Betty White Campaigns for Congressman Howard Berman

Congressman Howard Berman Earns Support from Hollywood Heavy Hitters.

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It's only fitting that a congressman from L.A. would have Hollywood stars on his side.

In Howard Berman's case, that friend is 90-year-old Betty White. The actress hopped into the political fray Monday with a new ad supporting Berman, who faces fellow Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman in a combative (because of redistricting) June 5 primary.

In an advertisement touting Berman's record as an animal advocate, White says "re-elect Congressman Howard Berman the valley leader who fights for the humane treatment of all animals."

White's "Hot in Cleveland" co-star Wendie Malick also appears in the ad, shining light on Berman's record as a can-do congressman. "He is also unbelievably effective," Malick says. "Thanks to Howard we have hundreds more police officers patrolling valley streets."

White, always the comedian, comments on Berman's nice "blue" eyes just before the congressman enters the scene cuddling a white dog. [See what rapper Obama and Cantor are listening to.]

Berman enjoys strong support from Hollywood. This election cycle he has collected big donations from the likes of Tom Hanks, Bette Midler, Jeffrey Abrams and Kate Capshaw.

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