Obama Admits at White House Correspondents' Dinner that This Year's Election Has Gone to the Dogs

President Obama admits he's enjoyed the dog-eat-dog 2012 election at D.C. gala.


President Barack Obama acknowledged Saturday during the White House Correspondents' Dinner that this year's election coverage has gone to the dogs.

Embracing the most recent canine distraction, Obama asked the audience "what's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?"

"A pit bull is delicious," he quipped referring to recent reports that he ate dog as a child. Even first Lady Michelle Obama looked surprised her husband had gone that far.

The audience erupted into laughter. Obama kept it up. "A little soy sauce," he said, giggling.

Obama said that in the 2012 race both campaigns have agreed wives and kids are off limits, but candidates' relationships with their four-legged family members seem to be fair game.

The president then cued up a fake Romney Super PAC ad that attacked Obama for his "socialist" pet policies.

The ad makes light of the 1983 Seamus incident, when Romney strapped his Irish Setter to the roof of the car during a 12-hour road trip. [See Photos of President Barack Obama's Re-election Campaign.]

"Finally a candidate with the courage to fight for a dog's freedom to feel the wind in his fur," the narrator of the ad says while pictures of a smiling Romney flash by. "But what about Barack Obama?"

The ad goes on to reveal a photograph of Obama with dog Bo in a limo.

"Under his failed leadership man's best friend has been forced into government controlled automobiles," the narrator says "Just imagine the European-style dog socialism Obama has planned for the next 4 years."

The ad ends with photos of Bo against Sarah McLaughlin's "In the Arms of an Angel," music that has become synonymous with anti-animal abuse commercials. [See a collection of political cartoons on the Republican party.]

"American dogs can't afford four more years of Obama—for them that's 28 years," the ad concludes.

No word from the Romney camp how the presumptive GOP nominee plans to bite back at Obama's bark.

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