Bill Clinton Says He Would Have Loved to Stay President

Bill Clinton talks philanthropy, politics, and golf with cable network.

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Former President Bill Clinton may be keeping busy with his humanitarian efforts in his post-White House days, but he still keeps plenty of time to do one thing: hit the links. [Check out political cartoons about the 2012 presidential election.]

Clinton recently sat down for an interview with David Feherty, host of the late-night Golf Channel show Feherty, for an episode scheduled to air May 14. The two talked politics, philanthropy, and, of course, the game.

Clinton, a lifelong golfer, told Feherty that what happens inside the beltway and on the fairway can actually be pretty similar. "There are rhythms in your life and rhythms in the two terms just like in golf," Clinton said. "It's also like golf—you know you get breaks you don't deserve both ways and you've got to learn how to seize the good ones and just blow by the bad ones."

The ex-commander in chief also mused how on the golf course, just like with the presidency, all eyes are on you. Clinton recounted the pressure when he teed off before some 12,000 people on a windy day on the course at Ireland's Ballybunion Golf Club, where a cemetery sits adjacent to the first fairway. "I thought to myself, I'm going to desecrate an Irish cemetery and it will be my enduring image in Ireland, not my work for the peace," Clinton said.

On his time in office, Clinton said, "I loved it. I loved every day of it. It's a good thing we had a two-term limit—I'd have made them vote me out or take me out in a pine box." Feherty, apparently a Bubba fan, said, "Well, there's a lot of people wishing you were still there." Clinton laughed and quipped, "And some wishing they'd taken me out in a pine box."

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