RNC Tries to Lump Obama into North Carolina Dem's Scandals

RNC releases a a web video linking Obama to the dysfunctional North Carolina Democratic Party.


As President Obama embarks on his trip to the critical swing state of North Carolina Tuesday, the Republican National Committee is doing all it can to lump the president with the flurry of controversy surrounding the North Carolina Democratic Party. [Check out U.S. News Weekly: an insider's guide to politics and policy.]

The party spent the last few weeks on defense as it worked to dispell rumors that it covered up a sexual harrasment complaint filed against the party's executive director Jay Parmley.

"President Obama arrives in North Carolina today to find a Democratic party in turmoil in a state so important to his re-election plan that he decided to hold his national convention there," RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement. "As he visits the state, he should face tough questions about how long Democrats have known about this scandal and covered it up for political gain."

Parmley resigned from his position on April 15 after allegations surfaced that he had sexually harassed a male coworker. Since then, the party has been unable to shake suspicion of a cover up.

The RNC released a video Tuesday placing Obama in the fray.

The video opens with a voice saying the "most high profile democrat of them all might be walking in this hornet's nest."

The video goes on to show a montage of news clips from the North Carolina scandal intermixed with footage of the president, along with a statement from Gov. Bev Purdue, who Obama endorsed, telling a reporter who asked her about the scandal to "Get over it."

David Parker, the state party chairman, ignored calls for his immediate resignation, but has agreed not to run for re-election.

Things have become more even more morose since Parmley's ex-girlfriend accused him of infecting her with HIV.

President Obama is expected to stay on message Tuesday in the state as he addresses college affordability issues in Chapel Hill.

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