Obama Asks Donors for A $75,800 Contribution

Obama asks for huge donation to support his campaign.

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The Obama campaign may constantly paint presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney as the corporate fat cat candidate, but a new fundraising invitation from the president may even break the biggest wallets on Wall Street.

For $75,800, donors can attend the Obama-backed 18th Annual National Women's Issues Conference in Washington. The price tag earns a donor the title of "chairman," special seating, a photo op and special recognition at the conference. [See pictures of Obama's re-election campaign.]

The Sunlight Foundation, which tracks campaign fundraisers, reports it is the highest contribution request it has ever seen.

It would actually be a violation of FEC rules to hand over all that dough over to the Obama campaign, so here's how the president's fundraising staff is breaking it down: Obama for America, the fund going directly to the president, will get $5,000 of the donation. Then, the Democratic National Committee will get significant $30,800 chunk. Finally, the campaign will donate varying amounts to Democratic parties in swing states like Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa and North Carolina.

However, if $75,000 is too rich for your blood, for just $3, you could win a free trip to Los Angeles to eat dinner with the president and George Clooney at the movie star's house. [Learn What's Next for Ron Paul]

While the title of "chairman" may impress some, dinner with George Clooney sounds like it will be a lot more fun.

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