Obama And Eric Cantor Agree on One Thing—Jay-Z

Obama and Cantor have little in common, but they share a love of rap star Jay-Z

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President Obama and Majority Leader Eric Cantor probably have more than 99 problems, but their taste in rap music ain't one.

On matters of policy, Obama and Cantor agree on little. However, when it comes to hip hop music, both men agree that one of the hottest rappers in the game is Jay-Z.

Cantor revealed his affection for "Jigga" during a Politico Playbook breakfast Thursday. Politico's Mike Allen expressed a touch of doubt, but Cantor assured him that rap music was prevalent on his personal iPad.

"It's true," Cantor quipped. "I have a little Jay-Z...and Wiz Khalifa and the rest on there."

Careful not to offend his more conservative colleagues and constituents, Cantor quickly clarified including Jay-Z songs on his personal playlist is merely a way to relate to his kids. [See pictures of Obama's re-election campaign.]

"Obviously the lyrics are horrendous and we try and have the cleaned up version, but when you live with teenagers and you sort of have to try to understand what they're about and  try to correct their direction sometimes."

Jay-Z is certainly getting a lot of love from Washington lately.

Last week, Obama made news when he told a reporter from The Atlantic at a New York fundraiser he preferred Jay-Z to Kanye West,

And that's not all, Jay-Z's wife, Beyonce Knowles, wrote First Lady Michelle Obama a handwritten love letter for Ebony magazine calling her the "ultimate example" of a strong woman and praising her as a wife, mother and leader.

Instead of butting heads at their next meeting, maybe Obama and Cantor can begin with a sampling of their favorite Jay-Z tracks. They could start with Jay-Z's 2001's song, "Heart of the City," where the rapper begs a question from his fans: "Where's the love?"

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