President Obama Gains 2012 Fundraising Momentum

Obama raised $45 million in February.


President Barack Obama attended 15 fundraisers in the month of February, and all that time away from the Oval Office seems to have paid off.

Obama's campaign announced Monday it raised $45 million in Feburary, a significant improvement over last month when the campaign took in just $29.1 million. Obama thanked the 348,000 people who donated to him in a tweet. [Poll: Americans, 2-1, Fear Obama's Re-election.]

The Obama campaign has continued to push a grassroots image, saying Monday that 105,000 people donated to the campaign in February for the first time. The Obama campaign also emphasized that about 25 percent of the donations came from small donors with nearly 98 percent coming in at $250 or less.

Obama's February total, however, is a far cry from his success in 2008 when, in a bitter Democratic primary against then-senator Hillary Clinton, he raised $56.9 million.

The Republicans have argued the president's fundraising shortcomings are a reflection of voter dissatisfaction, but Obama drastically outpaced his GOP rivals during the month with Mitt Romney snaring $11.5 million and Rick Santorum collecting $9 million.

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