Ron Paul Earns a Whole Lot of Internet Love

He lost Super Tuesday, but wins on the Net.

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Super Tuesday did not pique the political passions of many people, according to a recent study by iProspect, a digital performance agency that tracks Internet search trends. Not a single GOP presidential candidate was in the top 20 search trends that spiked on March 6, and "Super Tuesday" came in 10th. 

Beating out the primary season's biggest day and all of the potential Republican nominees were TV show Jersey Shore star Snooki's baby daddy, Jionni Lavalle, controversial talk show host Rush Limbaugh, and disgraced ex-New York Mets outfielder Lenny Dykstra. [See the latest political cartoons.]

But in sheer volume of Internet searches of GOP candidates, Texas Rep. Ron Paul easily dominates, says Jeremy Hull, associate director of paid search for iProspect. Hull says Paul was "king of the Internet" in 2008 as well.

But Google searches clearly don't translate into votes: Paul has not won a single state in the GOP primaries, perhaps a sign that Lavalle, Limbaugh, and Dykstra shouldn't be forming their exploratory committees just yet.

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