Obama’s Biggest Backers Are ‘Hollywood Hypocrites’

The stars who endorse the president and liberal causes often don’t follow their own rules.

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Hollywood might have catapulted Barack Obama into stardom in 2008, but journalist and author Jason Mattera is out with a new book he hopes will have voters questioning some of the president's most strident supporters.

"If anyone can get Obama re-elected, it is Hollywood," Mattera told Whispers. "These are master entertainers. They know how to reach at people's emotions. Conservatives should be vigilant. That is why we have the book. It is like an ammunition stockpile."

Mattera's book, Hollywood Hypocrites: The Devastating Truth About Obama's Biggest Backers, is oozing with juicy details on everyone from the usual suspects like liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to Robert Redford.

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Mattera says he wanted to focus on the duplicity of Hollywood stars who he says often preach environmental stewardship or equality, but fail to practice it in their daily lives.

Take Barbra Streisand, who called attention to a "Global Warming Emergency" in 2005 but pays $22,000 annually to water her lawn, or Harrison Ford, the vice chairman of Conservation International, who owns seven airplanes and admits, "I often fly up the coast for a cheeseburger."

"Not even Obama's biggest backers oblige to the same policy standards as they try to force on the rest of Americans," Mattera says.

Mattera adds that one of the most surprising revelations he discovered was that Bruce Springsteen, who has publicly decried tax cuts for the rich, claims his New Jersey estate as a farm to cut costs on his property taxes. Fellow musician Jon Bon Jovi raises bees and calls his land a farm in order to avoid thousands in property taxes.

Evidence of Obama's Hollywood support doesn't seem to have waned in 2012. Two of the president's biggest bundlers, producer Harvey Weinstein and DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, have raised more than $500,000 for the president.

"People are swayed by celebrity endorsements, and Hollywood is going to market [Obama] like an iPad," Mattera says.

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