Kentucky Rep. Blasts Feds for Slow Review of Keystone XL

Rep. Hal Rogers says the State Department should have reviewed Keystone XL Pipeline faster

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Government is known for red tape, but House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers thinks the State Department should have been faster in its review of the Keystone XL pipeline permit, which was controversially rejected by the administration in January. [See a collection of political cartoons on gas prices.]

"Talk about snail's pace," Rogers said at a hearing on the State Department's 2013 budget, musing that a snail could have crawled the route of the proposed pipeline, from the Canadian border to the Gulf Coast, within the 40-month review period. [Check out the U.S. News energy blog.]

"That's one speedy snail, Mr. Chairman," responded Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton's right. It would take the average garden snail about 67 months to crawl in a straight line from the Canadian border to Houston.

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