Sen. John Kerry Heads Back on the Ice

Kerry takes on hockey again, this time for charity.

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Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry is not about to let the memory of a broken nose and two black eyes keep him off of the ice. Sunday, Kerry will join Illinois Rep. Mike Quigley and Pennsylvania Rep. Pat Meehan as they face off against some of K Street's biggest names in the Congressional Hockey Challenge, a charity game that pits members of Congress and their staff against lobbyists. [Read about John Kerry's Bike-a-thon.]

Kerry scored injuries after a pick-up hockey game over the holiday, debuting his gnarly scars during a press event at the White House honoring the Boston Bruins for their Stanley Cup. Kerry's spokeswoman said Friday that the senator is back in commission and eager to check out his competition for this year's game.

"I always look forward to it and try to get some practice cuts in for the game. I hate to admit it's been almost 50 years since I took my first real cuts on Turkey Pond playing in high school. That's more than a little scary," Kerry told Whispers. "Then again, I'm still out there on the ice so I can't complain right? And the nice part is this game raises a little money for a great cause."

The money raised from the Congressional Hockey Challenge will go the Fort DuPont Ice Hockey Club, a children's ice hockey program in Washington, D.C. Since it was first played in 2009, the game has given $190,000 to the hockey club.

This year's game will be played Sunday at the Verizon Center and will include a silent auction.

See the roster below.

Hon. John Kerry - Constituents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Brad Dayspring -  Majority Leader, Eric Cantor

Hon. Erik Paulsen -  Constituents of Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District

Hon. Mike Quigley -  Constituents of Illinois' 5th Congressional District

John Billings -  Rep. Charles Bass

Hon. Pat Meehan -  Constituents of Pennsylvania's 7th Congressional District

Hon. Larry Bucshon - Constituents of Indiana's 8th Congressional District

Tim Regan Clerk of the House of Representatives

Gerrit Lansing -  House Committee on Budget

Jeff McEvoy - Senate Sergeant at Arms

Tim Sheehan - House Committee on Rules

Jon Oehmen - Rep. Bill Flores

Administrative Call Up/Assistant Head Coach Jack Way - FEMA

Steve Kraly - Rep. Paul Broun

Tory Mazzola- New Hampshire Republican State Committee

Hon. Brian Higgins - Constituents of New York's 27th Congressional District

Jeff Burton - National Republican Congressional Committee

John Goodwin - Rep. Raul Labrador

Joel Brubaker - Rep. Shelley Moore Capito

Bob Fischer - House Democratic Cloakroom

Steve Hedger - Sen. Claire McCaskill

Garrett Donovan - Rep. Bill Keating

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