Republicans Use 100th Obama Fundraiser to Jab at President's Priorities

The RNC notes Obama has attended nearly double the number of fundraisers Bush had by this point.

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Sure, hobnobbing with some of Hollywood's hottest stars beats bickering with Congress about the debt ceiling, but as President Barack Obama prepares to attend his 100th re-election fundraiser in New York Thursday, the Republican National Committee is calling into question Obama's priorities.

"Gas prices are reaching record highs, 12 million people are out of work and Barack Obama's number one focus is raising money to save his own job," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. "Today's milestone is all the evidence you need to understand President Obama's priorities."[Read about the 10 Worst Presidents.]

The RNC estimates Obama has spent five full work weeks fundraising for his re-election campaign. In order to drive home the point that Obama has skipped out on his responsibilities, the RNC released a video highlighting Obama's missed leadership opportunities. [Bill Clinton's Running: A Secret Service Nightmare.]

Since he launched his re-election campaign in April, Obama has gone to nearly double the number of fundraisers former president George W. Bush had by this point in 2004. Bush only attended a total of 97 fundraisers during the entire 2004 election cycle.

"While the Campaigner-In-Chief has been collecting campaign checks, the national debt has grown by $1.2 trillion and gas is now $3.73 a gallon. Imagine if Barack Obama had spent that time approving the Keystone Pipeline, cutting the deficit in half or helping businesses hire new workers," Priebus says.

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