Hill Staffers on Alert After Suspicious Packages Found

Sergeant-of-Arms warns staffers to be on alert for mail from Oregon.


The Senate Sergeant-of-Arms Terrance Gainer alerted congressional staffers Wednesday to use caution when opening mail after two Senate State offices and a House District office received "threatening mail," containing a powdery white substance.

The material was tested and determined to not pose a threat, but the letter's author says more letters are to come and that some of them will contain dangerous substances. [ Intel Official: Iranian Missiles Could Hit Nearby U.S. Targets, Europe.]

The Sergeant-of-Arms, the chief law enforcement agent for the Senate, urges staffers to use caution and to report suspicious mail adding staffers should be on heightened alert for mail from Portland, Ore.

Read the full letter below.

The purpose of this message is to follow up with the entire Senate community on an earlier message [Wednesday] regarding threatening mail. [Tuesday], a Senate State office and a House District office received threatening mail that contained a suspicious powdery substance. Those letters were tested and the substance found to be harmless. [Wednesday], another similar letter was received in a Senate State office.

 The author of these letters has indicated that additional letters containing a powdery substance will be arriving at more Senate offices and that some of these letters may contain an actual harmful material. Although all letters received thus far have proved harmless, it is essential that we treat every piece of suspicious mail as if it may, in fact, be harmful.

 In particular, offices should pay special attention to letters postmarked from Portland, Oregon, or with the following return address:

 The MIB, L.L.C.

2413 NW Burnside

Portland, OR 97209

We are working closely with federal and local law enforcement in this ongoing investigation. In the meantime, if any mail is received from this return address, it should remain unopened and the local authorities contacted immediately, followed by notification to the United States Capitol Police Threat Assessment Section at 202-224-1495.

The earlier e-mail was sent to Chiefs of Staff, Staff Directors, Administrative Managers and Chief Clerks.

 Terrance W. Gainer

Senate Sergeant at Arms