No Turbo Tax for House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan

House budget chairman hires accountant so he can focus on national tax reform

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House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan tackles complicated budgets, plans to release a house budget proposal by April, and is optimistic his party will find a consensus on tax reform before the tax code "blows up" in 2013.

But when it comes to filing his personal taxes, he admits they can be a bit too tricky to handle alone.

"I have an accountant because I want to make sure I do not mess it up," Ryan said at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast Thursday. "I go through it myself...but I have an accountant that does it."

Ryan says he's happy to turn over his personal taxes to an accountant in order to spend the upcoming months on Capitol Hill concentrating on a comprehensive tax reform plan for the rest of the country.

"I'm a big believer on moving forward on tax reform. I think some people have different ideas on how to do that. So I don't know we have total consensus on the specifics of tax reform. You know, you got some guys who are the fair tax guys, you got the flat tax guys, you have the in-between guys."

Ryan says whoever is picked as the GOP presidential nominee will have a big impact on what Republicans in the House rally around, but Ryan encourages GOP candidates to turn heads with their plans.

"There is always the temptation, especially by the political consultant types, to don't take risks, don't be bold," he says. "I think people are sick of that and cynical."

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