Bachmann Lightens Up at CPAC

Bachmann makes fun of her many campaign flubs during conservative convention.

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Michele Bachmann isn't taking herself too seriously since dropping out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination in January.

But the Minnesota congresswoman and darling of the Tea Party took the chance at the Conservative Political Action Conference to address a few things she learned on the campaign trail.

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Embarrassing mix-ups plagued Bachmann, who once in a criticism of Rick Perry said the HPV vaccine caused mental retardation in one young woman.

Bachmann told CPAC conference-goers that running for the presidency is one humiliating experience after another, but admits she did pick up some fun trivia during her run.

The congresswoman says thanks to the campaign she now knows where John Wayne was born, not in Iowa, which she flubbed on during a campaign tour through the state.

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She also says she can tell you the day Elvis was born, another fact she tripped over during a campaign stop on August 16 when she mistakenly wished the King of Rock n' Roll a happy birthday, when instead it was the 34th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death.

Bachmann also took a jab at Perry, who stumbled during a debate when he couldn't remember the three federal agencies he wanted to cut. "Never forget the three things you learned ," she joked.

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