Republicans Losing Enthusiasm for 2012 Election

New Public Policy poll shows Democrats looking forward to 2012 more than Republicans.

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Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota saw a fewer number of caucus-goers Tuesday than in 2008, which may be indicative of the party's overall mood about the 2012 elections.

Public Policy Polling released a poll Wednesday showing Democrats are looking forward to the 2012 election more than Republicans. In the poll, 58 percent of Democrats reported they were 'very excited' about voting in the fall, compared with 54 percent of Republicans.

Republican enthusiasm hasn't grown since August, while Democratic excitement has grown 10 percentage points in six months, showing a reversal for voter apathy, which plagued the party in the 2010 mid-term elections. [Why It's Not Worth Slamming Rick Santorum on Earmarks.]

Public Policy polling says it's unusual to see a party get less and less excited for an election as it approaches.

"Generally you would expect voters to get more excited as the election gets nearer. That trend is occurring on the Democratic side, but not for the GOP," the survey reports.

Even more alarming, 25 percent of conservatives said they were not looking forward to voting at all this fall.

The group most excited to cast their ballots remains to be African-Americans, in which 72 percent said they were 'very excited' to hit the voting booths.

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