RNC Offers Addition to Obama Fashion Show

RNC makes big jab at Obama before fashion show

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The Obama Campaign might be the ones headlining a New York fashion show Tuesday to premiere their line of celebrity-designed clothes for the president's reelection campaign, but Republican National Committee Communications Director Sean Spicer isn't going to let them have all the fun.

Spicer says in honor of the president's recent "flip flop" on his position on Super PACs, Spicer wanted to offer his own design for the president — a pair of thong sandals reading "Super PACs, a threat to democracy (just kidding!)"

"We thought the one item they were missing were some high end designer Obama, Super PAC flip flops," Spicer says. "The sandals are fake, the flip-flop is real." [Read the U.S. News debate: Are Super PACs Harming U.S. Politics?]

The mock sandal design is a poke at the Obama's campaign, who had sworn off Super PACs until recently, when campaign manager Jim Messina sent an E-mail to supporters urging them to donate to Priorities USA, a democratic Super PAC.

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