D.C.'s 'Toughest Trainer' Calls First Lady's Push-Ups 'Bobbing Up and Down'

The first lady could dip a little deeper in her push ups


Barack Obama isn't the only one competing for top dog in 2012. First lady Michelle Obama took on Ellen DeGeneres in a push-up match-up during 'The Ellen Show' and proved she's one fit lady.

Mrs. Obama completed 25 push-ups in the contest and jokes with DeGeneres that she could have kept on going, but "just stopped."

DeGeneres, who completed six fewer push-ups, says "I thought I shouldn't show up the First Lady..I thought this looks bad that I'm going to beat her."


video platform video management video solutions video playerD.C.'s self appointed "toughest trainer" and Owner of Fitness 4 Life Consulting Kimberly Linton says Michelle Obama showed core strength in her push-up contest, but did nothing more than what trainers refer to as "halvsies" or incomplete push ups. [Check out our editorial cartoons on President Obama.]

"She has very good core strength that allows her to keep bobbing up and down, but that's not a push-up," Linton says.

Linton acknowledges the first lady's stellar form of her shoulders aligning perfectly with her palms and the pressures of national television, but insists she wouldn't let her clients get away with such a shallow dips in the gym. [Photo gallery: The First Lady Reaches Out to Military Families.]

"It is an acceptable push up and when you see a woman holding a plank; that looks great. In the real world, if I were her trainer, she would not get away with that."

Mrs. Obama didn't just show off her core strength on the Ellen Show, she revealed a dirty secret about her husband; the leader of the free world does not pick up his socks.

"He thinks he's neat, but he has people who help him. It's not you who's neat. The people who pick up your socks; those are the neat people," she says. [See pictures of Michelle Obama.]

Back in Chicago, the first Lady says her husband's idea of putting his suit away was hanging his jacket on the edge of the door.

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