Mitt Romney Released 23 Years of Tax Returns

Romney releases two years of financial info to voters, 23 years to McCain.

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After vowing not to release his tax returns, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney caved to pressures revealing he made almost $22 million in 2010 and paid less than 14 percent in taxes.

But that's not good enough for Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz who told reporters Wednesday during a "Welcome Mitt Romney to Nevada" conference call that Romney's not being open with voters. [See pictures of the 2012 GOP candidates.]

Wasserman Schultz criticized Romney for only releasing one official tax return and an estimate to voters when he turned over 23 years of tax returns to the John McCain campaign in 2008 when he was being vetted as a Vice Presidential candidate.

The secrecy surrounding his finances was just one point attacked by Wasserman Schultz and Nevada State Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford. Wasserman Schultz, who represents Florida on Capitol Hill, says Romney "bought" his Florida Primary victory accusing Romney of outspending former House Speaker Newt Gingrich five to one in Florida.

"If you were a Florida voter, you would have thought Romney was the only candidate in the race,"  Wasserman Schultz said of Romney's aggressive ad campaign in the Sunshine State. [Long Battle Bad for GOP, Experts Say.]

Horsford pointed to Romney's insensitivity to the housing crisis as to a reason why he'd do poorly in Nevada's upcoming caucus.

"Romney's said he'll let the housing market hit 'rock bottom," Horsford says. "There is no one working harder to keep Nevada families with a roof over their head than president Obama."

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